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The District 6 Mission Statement :

"To coordinate quality pre-hospital care in a patient centered system through education, cooperation, and commitment”


PLEASE note the updated protocol for STEMIs within VAD #6 

STEMI protocol

Recent MCI drill in Waitsfield

A MCI Drill was held in Waitsfield in early April.  Local Fire departments quickly made the scene safe and EMS services MRVAS, Waterbury and Northfield participated.

Full Times argus story Link

Recent NEWS and updates


New STEMI protocols / state protocol review tonight!

Requested - If possible, call from the field to advise ED that you sent an EKG strip from the field and they will look for it.  See protocol: listed below in Recent downloads.

 Protocol meeting Tuesday night 5/14/19 at 1900 at CVMC to discuss the progress on the 2020 VT EMS protocols. All are invited to attend.  See archive for phone in  instructions.

HP CPR required by 7/1/19

Hello all,

July 1st is now our go live date for High Performance CPR in the district.  That means everyone must be trained by then.  We are pretty close.  I would love two more possible training sessions before then to see if we can get everyone trained.  This will be the last change to be trained.

The two dates will be in June, likely the 8th and 15th but we need to finalize those dates in the next 2-3 days.  I will send an update.




VAD6 has trained 201 people in high-performance CPR in the past year.  All of them have been entered into CentreLearn, if their account is active.

Head of Service for each agency compare their current roster with the completed list below.  If there are members that have obtained HPCPR through another means, please provide me their names so I can take them off of the list.  Otherwise, each HOS is requested to provide a list of current D6 responders that have not attended HPCPR.  This list needs to be given to Jared and myself by May 1st so we can plan the completion of our training.

Using the D6 list from Vermont EMS, we still have 113 people that have not attended.  Contact your service training officer or Scott Bagg if you need HPCPR training

Interhospital Transfer subcommittee

Completed a unified PCS for interfacility transports.  See  PCS_Orders_D6_2019,  (link below)

CVMC ER Renovations have begun

The emergency department at CVMC will be starting construction May 14th on the B-side and the docs room/AB nurses station. This phase will last approx. ten weeks and will be followed by another that will involve the c-side. 

There will always be a minimum five foot path for ambulance traffic to get from the bay to C-side. The TCA will be accessed by traveling down the A-side and through the kitchen. Please excuse our mess for this time period and as there are many questions we don’t know ourselves, understand that things may move around.

For now linen should be accessed from the cart at the end of the C-side. We do not have wall space to keep the B-side linen cart because a temporary wall will be around the B-side, docs station and half way down the A-side. Lab stuff will be in a cabinet in the same location (by the c-side linen cart).

Please reach out to Jes Cullen or Keith Taylor for questions. 

Ambulance Handoff Forms

2019 -Per Dr Blum:  Please provide a copy of your handoff form to MD/PA/NP who will be seeing your patient and to the nurse with your bedside report.  

           Continue to keep a copy to use when completing your siren report.​

Purchasing Policy:

 A VAD3 purchasing policy needed to be adopted.  The warning to change the bylaws was made and will be voted on at the June 11,2019 Meeting.  Copy below.

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VT EMS District #6

CVMC: 130 Fisher Road, Berlin, Vermont 05641, United States

Mailing address: VT EMS District 6, PO Box 01, Northfield Falls, VT 05664-0001

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