District Six is holding another practical examination to support our spring courses.  And once again, we are looking for help from all services!  It is the expectation that every D6 service with students being tested provide personnel to help.

The next EMS District Six Exam is being held on Saturday, April 27th at Norwich University.  Participants should arrive by 8:30 am and must not be on duty for an ambulance service.  I am projecting that everyone should be clear by no later than 1:00 pm.

We are projecting 18 candidates of EMT / AEMT levels primarily from District Six EMT and AEMT courses.  WE NEED HELP, especially from all licensure levels!  As before, all participants will be PAID a stipend for their participation.  The rates are the same as the previous Saturday exams, which is outlined below.  On top of this, light breakfast and lunch will be provided at the start.  

  • Evaluators (12) - $100
  • EMT Assistants (3) - $80
  • Simulated Patients (6) - $80 {Can be unlicensed; must be 16 y/o or over}
  • Dispatcher (1) - $100
  • Runners (1) - $80 {Can be unlicensed; must be 16 y/o or over}

Remember that each of us has been through this process during our EMS career.  These Norwich students have worked hard this semester and will be ready!  Remember how important a proper and professional environment is for an EMS student examination.  Just as the evaluators were there for us, we need to be there for our next generation of EMS brethren.

Please e-mail Scott Bagg at if you willing and able to help out. 

Licensing courses


If you are new to EMS, or looking to upgrade your certification your need to take a course.  Local courses are offered by the district as well as individual services. 

Contact your local Head of Service or training officer for more information.

Upcoming Local VAD #6 Courses.


EMR in Northfield May 5th-June 30th, Thursday and Sundays

Candidate Application at

Download Syllabus below for more info!

MRVAS Fall EMT course, more to follow.

Ongoing Local VAD #6 EMS Courses

Current Local EMS licensing courses

CVCC EMT class  Test May 11th 

NU EMT class Test April 27th.

Statewide VT EMS courses


Willing to travel?  This link identifies EMS courses- EMR, EMT & AEMT available throughout Vermont

Help wanted


Career squads looking for lisensed EMS providers.  Consider volunteering for your community on your local EMS squad.



New to EMS and have questions about licensing?  Check VT EMS 

Still have questions

Email the webmaster

EMS course Downloads

Downloadable  material for courses noted above (as available)